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Rules of the Trail

  • Watch for the rider behind you -- Don't turn off the main road or trail without waiting for the person behind you. Make sure they see you turn off, especially when you come to a T or Y in the road. Best thing to do is wait for them to acknowledge by waving back. It is important that we all arrive back to our vehicles safely.
  • We always stay on marked or established trail only.
  • Allow plenty of room between machines while riding without tailgating
  • The use of any alcohol laden products is not endorsed by TSATV while on a scheduled club event. What you do after the ride is your choice.
  • Maintain safe following distances and stay single-file. Racing is not allowed.

Outdoor activities always have some potential for danger. Each individual is personally responsible for his or her safety and well being. It is recommended that you not ride terrain beyond your ability. However, while on a ride if you feel you cannot safely navigate an area, ask for assistance from a more experienced rider. Also, remember trail conditions are subject to change. Contact the trip leader if you are unsure if the trip is suitable for your abilities.


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Sep 19, 2019
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