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About Treasure State ATV Association

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Treasure State ATV Association is to support and promote the responsible use of Off Highway vehicles, to protect public riding areas, to actively search for additional riding areas, and to provide a family oriented atmosphere at all events and group rides.

Treasure State ATV Association (TSATV) is a non-profit organization (501c4) founded in January of 1998 by ride enthusiasts who were looking for ways to promote ATV riding in the Billings, MT areas. As memberships increased over the years, so did the riding opportunities. Scheduled rides now include visits to other states, most notably Wyoming. Members have organized rides in many other states and countries. Riding information gained from these experiences is extremely valuable now and into the future.(See Events Calendar, Ride Information and Bulletin Board)

TSATV schedules various rides and activities during the year (See Events Calendar and Ride Information). For those who get winter cabin fever, we normally have a chili feed and ride sometime in January or early February every year. Monthly rides are generally the Saturday or Sunday following the monthly meeting. From May through October we often schedule two rides a month which can coincide with national holidays. Some members choose to camp and some go out for day rides. We try to accommodate all types of riding and rider skills. (See Trail Riding Guide and Events Calendar)

Closing out each year we participate in the Holiday Parade in downtown Billings the day after Thanksgiving and have a Christmas Party in December. Both events have been well attended and are very enjoyable. Giving away stuffed animals to children at the Holiday Parade has become a tradition. (See Events Calendar)

TSATV has actively participated in the efforts to keep public lands open for recreation and enjoyment. Many members have contributed countless hours toward these efforts. National Forest Service travel plan processes have taken up the majority of this contributed time. We support and contribute to many efforts on a state and national level with memberships and other related efforts. Although the paperwork and meetings are sometimes necessary, being out enjoying the outdoors and helping agencies through volunteer efforts is very rewarding. Many members proudly display specialized license plates showing our support (See Links).

Mission and Purpose

  • Fostering, promoting, and enhancing the use of ATVs for recreational purposes in the state of Montana.
  • Educating, encouraging, and promoting the safety and responsible use of ATVs.
  • Organizing and sponsoring ATV rides and events.
  • Cooperating with public land management and/or regulatory agencies, but always reserving the right to oppose regulations or actions the Association considers unfair and/or not serving the best interest of the members.
  • Sponsoring the enactment of fair state, federal, and private land use laws and regulations pertaining to the ownership and operation of ATVs.
  • Actively opposing such laws and regulations as determined to be detrimental to the best interests of the member.
  • Actively seeking and building mutually beneficial relationships with other recreational users of public land.

Outdoor activities always have some potential for danger. Each individual is personally responsible for his or her safety and well being. It is recommended that you not ride terrain beyond your ability. However, while on a ride if you feel you cannot safely navigate an area, ask for assistance from a more experienced rider. Also, remember trail conditions are subject to change. Contact the trip leader if you are unsure if the trip is suitable for your abilities.


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TSATV meets on the third Thursday
of each month at 6:30 P.M.

Our next meeting is on:
Sep 19, 2019
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